The techniques and concepts relating to exchanging and venture, in our courses or on our site or displayed through our Wire Channel or any application are exclusively for instructive purposes. Inquiring about an investigation on a personal level is exceptionally imperative to urge the understanding of the showcase totally. Our substance isn't planning to completely guarantee benefit making. In this manner, do autonomous inquire about or confirm through a proficient broker some time recently making any venture based on the substance on our Site or methodologies and concepts on the Wire Channel or, for that case, any data in our course you would like to depend upon.


Our Site counting channel and application could be a stage centered on conveying instructive substance and news related to the stock showcase. EaseMyTrade isn't a broker nor it may be a SEBI enlisted counseling. It isn't a stage for trading monetary counsel and counsel concerning speculation choices, positions or assesses or anything relating to legitimate issues.

EaseMyTrade is an instructive stage, a talk gathering giving common substance related to the stocks, ventures and concepts relating to methodologies. The procedures given by us ought to not be considered as proposals to enter any security exchanges. Techniques and concepts given by our group individuals don't , in any case, guarantee profit-making or suggestions with respect to buying or offering any particular value for any particular individual.

Individual Substance

EaseMyTrade does not take any liability of individual substance on our websites and for a person fascinated by the stock showcase, these variables deliver rise to different fears with no appropriate knowledge (third party). And here EaseMyTrade comes as a way out. We offer well-suited and required information with respect to stocks, speculation and methodologies to outlive within the sporadic stock market.

EaseMyTrade is for instructive purposes. The substance on our site is exclusively to urge individuals begun within the stock showcase. At the same time, free investigation and personal level investigation is more vital. And our bits of knowledge and substance ought to not be considered as a substitute for them. Clients may/should revise the techniques and concepts they have obtained through EaseMyTrade administrations based on the advertised scenario.


We work as a community, built by our clients itself. Barring EaseMyTrade substance, EaseMyTrade procedures and concepts on the site and all other information is produced by team EaseMyTrade. We act as an insignificant conduit for this information published on our website.


  1. EaseMyTrade services will run according to the website schedule with the curriculum as per our website.
  2. Grasping ability of every individual is different, depending upon the time they have spent on the services and their level of interest to learn. If any of our customers find difficulties in online learning, reach out to us at

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Cancellation Policy

We do not offer a Refund or Cancellation Policy against any of our courses. Thereby, there will be no refund made in any proportions in case of cancelling a course subscription. Learning varies with individuals, depending upon the time spent on a course and the curiosity the course is taken with. These factors define the ability to under market psychology. Rescheduling of courses is subject to seat availability in the upcoming batches. Change in language option is allowed within 3 working days from course’s starting. We will serve our clients with the best of our ability to make you self-dependent in the world of stock market.

Declaration By Users

I understand that EaseMyTrade instructions and courses will prepare me to actively trade securities and/or other financial instruments for my own accounts at an appropriate financial firm which utilizes the Electronic transmissions of securities and other financial instruments’ orders to execute trades for its customers. I understand that this course is not preparation to be a Licensed Broker in the financial industry and will not help me get a job.

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All analysis of the EaseMyTrade shall not be considered for buy and sell. All members are encouraged to speak with a licensed representative of their choice regarding the appropriateness of investing/trading or of any particular investment/trading strategy. EaseMyTrade as a company or an individual representing EaseMyTrade is not responsible for any profit and loss incurred on the analysis published in our channel or application. Buy/Sell analysis of certain stocks provided in our channel are Strictly for Paper/Dummy practice, and for Educational Purpose to understand the stock market movement.


Our client security arrangement guides our conduct in collection, utilization and security and revelation of client’s budgetary data. It outlines the responsibility of EaseMyTrade Private Limited in partnering with the Managers and Advisors and also guides the development of EaseMyTrade other policies and procedures. All the transactions mentioned under PMS are based as an aggregator platform. EaseMyTrade does not take any responsibility for losses incurred by the advisors and the managers. The details mentioned below are based on the client data received based on our Portfolio Management Service and the same shall be protected by the company.


Our client security arrangement guides our conduct in collection, utilization and security and revelation of client’s budgetary data. It outlines the responsibility of EaseMyTrade Private Limited in partnering with the Managers and Advisors and also guides the development of EaseMyTrade other policies and procedures.

    • As it is pertinent clients data that is vital for our business reason is collected from the Client, however the client is properly educated on how the Company employs the data so it is collected.
    • We restrain the collection of data of our clients exclusively to what we ought to know to manage their relationship with us, to supply way better client administrations, to offer venture items, and to fulfil any legitimate, statutory and administrative requirements. We too advise our clients about the common utilization of data we collect around them, and we'll give extra clarification in the event that client so asks. A composed consent is additionally received from the client some time recently for collection of such data.

    • We donate clients choices almost how their data will be utilized
    • In arrange to most successfully provide the administrations relating to speculation services to our clients, it is some of the time essential to share data almost our clients with carefully chosen venture item producers, sellers and trade accomplices who offer extra esteem, earlier to the collection of data, give an alternative to the clients to not give the information or data looked for to be collected. The clients might, at any time whereas profiting the administrations or something else, moreover have an alternative to pull back its consent given prior to EaseMyTrade. Such withdrawal of the consent should be sent in composing to Managers and Advisors.

    • Application of Security Safeguards
    • We are constrained to get client data frameworks to those who particularly require it to conduct their service obligations, and to meet our client adjusting commitments. We utilize shields planned to secure the secrecy and security of our client data.

    • Disclosure of Clients Information
    • We don't uncover client data unless we have been authorized by the client or where the due diligence is essential for compliance of a legitimate commitment, or we do so in association with our endeavors to decrease extortion or criminal action and to comply with administrative prerequisites and rules. Any client data should be uncovered to any third party by an arrangement beneath the law for the time being in constraint, but the same should be directed through the Compliance work. EaseMyTrade may exchange client data to any other body corporate or an individual that guarantees the same level of data security that's followed to by EaseMyTrade as given for beneath these approach and it is essential for the execution of the legal contract between EaseMyTrade and client or where such client has agreed to information exchange.

    • Responsibility of Privacy Policy
    • Each of EaseMyTrade employees, employers and advisors are mindful of keeping up shopper certainty within the company. We offer preparing and communications programs outlined to teach EaseMyTrade agents approximately the meaning and necessities of this Client Security Approach. Those who damage this Arrangement are subject to disciplinary activity, up to and counting rejection. Representatives and advisors are anticipated to report infringement, and may do so secretly, to their director or to the Compliance Officer. We moreover conduct inside evaluations of our protection hones to guarantee compliance with our Security Approach and the particular rules that bolster this Arrangement. Any disclosure after the agreement or whatsoever made by the Managers and Advisors, EaseMyTrade shall not be held liable.

    • Arrangement of Privacy Policy with Business Partners
    • We commit companies we judiciously select as our commerce accomplices to concur to keep our client data private and secure, to ensure the data against unauthorized get to, utilize, or re-disclosure by the beneficiary company, and restrain its utilization to the purposes for which it was given to them.

  2. Policy Display
  3. The policy shall be displayed on the website of EaseMyTrade Private Limited.

  4. Information Review
  5. EaseMyTrade might allow the clients on prior notice as and when asked by them, to survey the data they had given and guarantee that any data found to be wrong or insufficient should be adjusted or corrected as attainable. In such a manner, EaseMyTrade should not be dependable for genuineness of such data.

  6. Legal/Compliance Officer
  7. The Legal/Compliance Officer of EaseMyTrade is assigned as Grievance Officer of this approach. The Grievance officer will guarantee the by and large usage of this arrangement and in case of any disparities and/or grievances of any client. All such grievances should be changed quickly but inside one month from the date of receipt of such grievance.