Stock Market Career Options in India

February 12, 2021
Alok Kumar
Stock Market Career Options in India

Stock Market Career Options in India

Today we are going to talk about the careers one can pursue in the field of the Stock market in India. In the last few years, the equity market has opened several carrier opportunities in the field of Stock Market because day by day the market is expanding and with that employment opportunity is also increasing swiftly. stock market

People from all backgrounds Science, Maths, Commerce, showing interest in pursuing the Stock market as a full-time carrier However some option to become a financial investor/Trader and work for themselves independently and others are doing startups with innovative ideas to create disruption in the Securities Market of India. stock market

Different Career Options in the Indian Stock Market

Stock Broker

Everybody knows that if you want to trade in the Stock market then you must have a trading and Demat account for that and here Stockbroker plays his role. A Stockbroker offers these two accounts, so now you can easily guess how potential your career as a Stockbroker keeping in mind the fastest growing investing population of India. stock market

Financial or Investment Advisor

Starting His/Her own consultancy business in the Financial Market or become an Investment Advisor or Financial Advisor is a perspective option. To become an Investment Advisor or Financial Advisor, you must have a graduate degree in Finance/Commerce or a minimum of five (5) years of experience with a financial company. stock market

Note that if one has only a B.Tech degree, then he/she doesn’t fit in the educational criteria asked by SEBI. Here, you should require at least 5 years of experience in the finance field or a post-graduate degree in finance.

Nevertheless, if one has a Post Graduate degree in finance, he/she will not require any work experience to apply to get a license from SEBI. Further, whether you mandatorily must clear the NISM Investment Advisor Certification exam to apply for the SEBI registered Investment advisor. Furthermore, when you fit in all Sections then you can apply to get your Investment Advisor or Financial Advisor license from SEBI.

Stock Market Career Options in India

Stock Market Career Options in India

Research Analyst

Research Analyst is also a profitable career option nowadays. A Research analyst do both Buy-side and sell-side research. If someone wants to start his own business as a research analyst then the eligibility criteria is similar to the Financial or Investment Advisor.

If you want a job as a Research analysis then the top-notch financial companies pick candidates who are MBA graduate from the Tier 1 institutes of the country.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

If you also invest in mutual funds, you must know that your investments in mutual funds are managed by a PMS. The wealth management firms of India Handel their Client’s money with the help of a personally qualified fund manager.

Portfolio management is an extremely rewarding carrier if you have an excellent knowledge of the Financial markets and you are good at managing money. Professional qualifications required CA, CFA, or MBA (Finance). stock market

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