Stock market Eye-opening | How to follow the stock market?

March 01, 2021
Alok Kumar
Stock market Eye-opening | How to follow the stock market?

How to follow the stock market?

When a beginner enters the stock market the first thing and the most common problem, he/her faces is that a beginner doesn’t know that how to follow the stock market, which means that how to tack the stock prices of the Indian company market index and the basic paraments of the stock market.

For experienced traders, following the stock market is easy because they are doing this for a long period and they know so many websites and apps to track and follow the Stock market index and share prices. However, a beginner might get confused easily tracking the stock market share prices and indexes and they might feel shy asking this question to the experienced traders.

If you are also a Stock market beginner then don’t worry today, we will cover this whole topic in this article only for you guys to help you become a stock market expert by which you can also be able to follow the market like a pro.

Here is the list of some simple yet powerful websites from which you can easily follow the stock market.

Stock market Eye-opening | How to follow the stock market?

Stock market Eye-opening | How to follow the stock market?

Google search

Google is the easiest and the most used Source to follow the stock market, it is very easy just type the name of the stock and Google will provide all the details of that particular stock for example: - If you want to follow the stock of reliance then just type reliance share price on Google and you willget the results.

For getting stock details, you have to write Reliance share or reliance stock price on the search engine to get the details, on Google you can track the stock price movement for a period of 1day, 5day, 1month, 1year, 5years or for more than that.

It makes following the stock market very easy for beginners the only disadvantage is that you have to write the name of every particular stock about which you need the information.

Nevertheless, Google is the first and the best place for beginners or also for a pro-level trader to learn how to follow the Stock market.

Money control

Money control is the most reliable and the oldest website in India to follow the stock market, money control website gives you all the information about the stocks with their latest financial news. Money control also offers a mobile application, which is even better than the website, one can easily follow the Stock market using the money control app.

On the app or website enter the stock name in the top search box and get all the details about the stock you wish to see. is also one of the powerful website for conducting fundamental analysis of stocks. Even the last decade financial reports of all Indian companies are also available there.

Furthermore, you can also download that data in Excel format from the website also can add stocks to your Wish list, to get notifications about that stock in your mail if any corporate action is performed on the stock that is added to your Wish list.

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